inspired by the book


Share the unforgettable World War II story of courage and love, shown by Corrie ten Boom and her family in Nazi occupied Holland, that has inspired a generation.

a fully staged production of the Corrie ten Boom story


The story of Nazi hate and pride coming face to face with God's love and freedom


The legacy of family faith in the timeless Word of God


The hope of beauty and freedom rising from the ashes of imprisonment and death

Present your own production of TIMELESS - The Corrie ten Boom Musical with licensing, script and music for your theater, school, or church group

An Original Script and Score

Dramatic and memorable songs paired with scripting inspired by the bestseller, THE HIDING PLACE

Recordings and Music Charts

Use MP3 files of the songs, available here in rehearsal form, to help your cast learn the music.

Full Cast of Dynamic Characters / Flexible Casting

TIMELESS is a full, two-act production with seven lead characters and many supporting roles to create a meaningful and memorable production experience for your High School Theater Arts Program / Home School Performing Arts Group / Church Drama Team / College Theater / Community Theater / Professional Theater.

Cast Size:  20 - 35

NOTE:  Many roles may be doubled.  Most roles in Act I may be doubled in Act II.  Group numbers and ensemble scenes are flexible to accommodate the size of your cast.

Lifechanging Message

The courage of the ten Boom family inspires audiences to hope amidst hardship, love despite hatred, and exercise strong faith that shines a light in a darkened world


A library of audio and video special effects is also available to enhance your production.

The Word: What Audiences Are Saying

"Lively and wonderful!"    "Wonderful writing"   "Way to bring the ten Boom story alive!! Loved it!"  

“A huge story [turned into] a bite sized engaging adventure on stage”    "Well written and performed"

“I love [how] this amazing story [was] put to music”    "Absolutely amazing.  I left so encouraged"

“It touched on powerful issues at the heart of our culture today”    "I went away feeling blessed and uplifted"

"I was mesmerized"     "A powerful lesson in forgiveness"    "Thanks for making an eternal difference"


20-minute preview of a live stage production


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.



  • Preview script: Free
  • Music excerpts: Free
  • Full song recordings: Free
  •  Performance licensing fee: $50, includes printable sheet music
  • Additional customized music services (key changes, arrangements, scores, etc.) available for nominal fees
  • Royalty fees: 10% for paid performances, payable at end of production run

Access the script and music to peruse FOR FREE!

Download MP3's of the TIMELESS songs, and PDF's of the script, scenes/songs, and characters in the production: