Resources for your theater, school, or church group

Musical Commemorating Extraordinary Missionary Service and Sacrifice

A live presentation using music and media to share the life-changing story of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, and three other missionaries killed in Ecuador, South America in 1956.

Full-Stage Production Highlighting the Life of Corrie ten Boom

A two-act musical based on the dramatic, true WWII story of the ten Boom family in Holland and their heroic struggle, in the power of God, against Nazi oppression.

A Simplified Version with all the Songs and Shortened Script

Tell the impacting story now of Corrie ten Boom in only 70 minutes with as little as 10 people in a Reader's Theater format

The Jim Elliot and Nate Saint Story

Consider presenting this one-hour musical for your theater, school, or church group for a powerful ministry experience.

The Corrie ten Boom Story

Consider this full, 2-Act musical inspired by the famous book THE HIDING PLACE for your theater, school, or church group to present life-impacting stories in a powerful ministry experience.

Check out the PIANO FOR DINNER - Christmas recordings here.