About Us

Ron Rogalski (co-writer/composer of At Any Cost; composer of Timeless: The Corrie ten Boom Musical; composer/arranger of Piano for Dinner)  I've experienced life-change myself and witnessed it in others, through the impacting stories of Christ-followers in our recent history. It's been a privilege to help create music and dramatic art resources to help tell these stories - particularly Corrie ten Boom (TIMELESS), and Jim Elliot (AT ANY COST). I have been working in church music/creative arts and writing/arranging productions for over 20 years.

Kris Bromberger (script/lyrics for Timeless: The Corrie ten Boom Musical) I believe that the courage of the entire ten Boom family during the Nazi oppression is a timeless story that resonates with audiences today. To do what is right regardless of the circumstances – to stand firm on the Word of God and to love despite hatred and hardship – is a challenging directive for the Christian in today’s world but one that is filled with promise and hope because God, as He did with Corrie decades ago, will direct and lead. I have found His faithfulness relevant over the years in my roles as a writer, dancer, and college professor.

Many inspiring sayings of Corrie ten Boom have ministered to me over the years; a favorite is “God’s love still stands when all else has fallen.”

Faith Based Musicals: We have seen and experienced first-hand the power of musical theater in the church and school. Providing opportunities for your group to nurture the creative arts and to work together to present strong Biblical stories and principles is a mission of the resources presented on this site.

If you have any questions, please email Faith Based Musicals at [email protected]